Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big XII Tournament Trip, Day 4

You might notice that there aren't any pictures with these posts. Now, wiseguy might say "Hah, there normally aren't, hadn't even noticed!" And, in fairness, wiseguy would be right. But in addition to Pun City's typical laziness, this blog also added to the picturelessness by somehow losing the camera. Either in Bramlage, Bramlage's parking lot, or around the Sprint Center.

A decent-sized bummer there. Anyway, got back to Kansas City and parked on the street this time. For some reason, Pun City thought this was a Saturday, so it just assumed it was alright to park on the street (given that the signs were only in effect for Monday through Friday also). Fortunately, this blog walked past a police department on its way to the arena, and there were a couple police employees taking a smoke break. Pun City asked if it was okay to park on the street if the signs said only Monday through Friday, and they sort of looked at this blog strangely and asked if it had hours posted. A brief discussion followed, where they probably thought Pun City was a little off, but eventually they decided that Parking Control doesn't work weekends, so this blog would probably be alright. In hindsight, this blog now realizes that the car was in a 2-Hour metered spot for about an hour and a half without any money in the meter. Although it was the last hour and a half of the week, (so workers probably weren't writing out a ton of tickets in this interval), Pun City afterwards realized it was at least a little lucky to have not received a ticket.

Semifinal games were set to have the top 4 seeds playing. This was pretty cool, especially since the 5 seed had gotten smoked by the 12 seed in the first round.

Before the games, Pun City checked out the Big 12 Zone again and grabbed a bunch more free stuff. Those Sunkists were a nice bonus right before entering the games each day, and this was no exception.

Kansas faced Texas A&M played in the first game, and the Aggies were definitely game, staying in the game until there was 6:12 remaining.

Of note: Texas A&M's band played what this blog thought was "Better Now," but this blog wasn't entirely able to decipher much of their songs this game. A main reason was that they played either familiar songs without familiar titles, or unfamiliar songs.

Kansas's band played Respect, Rock and Roll Part II, and The Final Countdown.

In the next game, 2 seed Kansas State faced 3 seed Baylor. This was the best game of the tournament, with the game finally out of reach for Baylor with 1:41 remaining.

Baylor's band contributed Ole Ole, Heartbreaker, Take On Me, a medley of the Imperial March and Kashmir, Kung Fu Fighting, and Eye of the Tiger. Pretty good stuff.

Kansas State's band played Someday Love Will Find You, Kiss The Sky, Everybody Loves Somebody, Rock and Roll Part II, Purple Haze (because they're purple, get it??), and The Final Countdown.

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