Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big XII Tournament Trip: Day 2

Very eventful day today, probably way too much to cover in one post, definitely way too much to cover while just about falling asleep here.

High points:

- Pun City got tickets for the 2 sessions today, plus all the remaining sessions. This was below the StubHub prices Pun City had seen earlier in the year, so mission accomplished there.

- 4 relatively dud games today, the closest one was over with about 7:50 remaining.

- Ate breakfast at Waffle House, never having been before. Phenomenal!

- Tons of free stuff to be had at the Kansas City Power and Light District, and the adjacent Big 12 Zone (or something). Pun City will have some giveaways at its March Madness watch parties this year.

- Failed attempt at getting to Sonic Drive In tonight, reached it just after close.

Overall a great day, this blog feels fairly fresh for having seen 8+ hours of basketball, Pun City is going to get some rest though with another 4 games coming up tomorrow. Based on the first games, in tomorrow's Kansas - Texas Tech game, Pun City will be rooting for... a good game? Neither fan base was that impressive, plus Pun City only has NCAA shirts with Kansas logos on them, and nothing for Texas Tech (other than a newly acquired Big 12 shirt).

In game two, both Texas A&M and Nebraska would be cool to root for, not to mention Pun City's got apparel for both, but this blog will probably root for A&M.

Game 3 - Oklahoma State gets the nod over Kansas State.

Game 4 - Baylor gets the nod over Texas.

Hope to post tomorrow night! The night after the second 4-game day is always the most tiring though, so no guarantees.



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