Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What's a Food Court without a mall? Sbtrange.

Trip Recap #2 - The second half of 3/2. Delaware was taking on Northeastern in the next set of games. Delaware's cheerleaders were a definite A- in the looks department, topping out at completely stunning. Another cool part of Delaware being there was that Spencer Dunkley was being honored. Of course, avid sports fans recognize him as the 50th-best sports figure from the state of Delaware.

Delaware ran into issues since their entire roster consisted of 7 players. This blog detailed their plight here.

Northeastern didn't have too much to report, although there was one fan wearing a Mexican wrestling mask in their colors. This was sort of cool on its own, especially when coupled with a cape. The dude then outdid himself by becoming the first person this blog has ever seen smoking a cigarette through a wrestling mask. As if that wasn't enough, the guy ended up stepping away from the butt long enough to win the halftime free-throw-shooting contest. Really weird.

Once that game ended, headed over to what this blog thought was a mall next to the stadium (the arena had to be cleared for the next session). The "mall" was in fact just a food court. This was unusual as well. The fact that it wasn't a full mall ended up being somewhat of a bummer the rest of the trip, since the Richmond Coliseum isn't really within walking distance of too many points of interest. The Coliseum area is populated by a lot of government buildings, that food court, a ton of parking structures, hotels, and a few stores or restaurants barely within walking distance.

Most of the "walkable" businesses aren't in the greatest area of town, but this blog didn't get any trouble. The Foot Locker within walking distance was a typical Foot Locker that sells a lot of blank t-shirts and an occasional shoe. If you went through the less-than-affluent area, eventually you get to Virginia Commonwealth's campus, which was a little sparse but probably would be a cool place to go to school. It was sparse in that there aren't a whole lot of food options outside of the immediate library area, but within that area there were some good choices. Quizno's, Cold Stone Creamery, Qdoba, and non-chain pizza and burger places. (Maybe they were chain places, but this blog hasn't seen either of them outside of those locations).

The night session featured Towson beating UNC-Wilmington. Of note from that game is that Towson's band and general representation was pretty cool. The mascot was cool, they featured Gary Neal who scores over 20 points per game, solid cheerleaders, and a good coach. Their band played "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Disco Inferno," "Sweet Georgia Brown," "Holiday (by Green Day)", "Somebody Told Me," CBS's College Basketball theme, and the obligatory "Eye of the Tiger." This plus an awesome version of the Star-Spangled Banner that you had to hear to believe.

UNCW, in a rebuilding year, had a student section wearing shirts that read "Feel My Teal." Which might be a good pickup line in certain scenarios.

And the last game of the night featured George Mason blowing out James Madison in the duel of Revolutionary War-era hero schools.

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