Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mark Macon Looks Like Xzibit

Good evening Pun City readers - Let's get into some trip recapping.

First things first, this blog awoke at approximately 3:00 AM Central time in order to make a 5:45 AM flight. This was brutal given that this blog hadn't gotten to sleep until about 12:30.

(This site does recognize it was its own doing on the lack of sleep - retrieving a laptop from Madison at 10:00 PM and scheduling a flight early Friday instead of late Thursday were measures this blog took to keep some people relatively updated and keep this blog's costs lower)
The drive down featured a total of 8 cars on this blog's side of the freeway, which was remarkably desolate for the Cedarburg-to-Milwaukee stretch of I-43 south.

The initial connecting flight to St. Louis was uneventful, other than being empty enough where this blog could occupy 2 seats and catch up on some sleep.

The St. Louis to Richmond flight was a little more interesting. First off, because this blog was wearing its George Mason jersey and got some minor ribbing from an Old Dominion fan heading to the same spot; and secondly because of the stewardess on the American Airlines flight.

Despite general stereotypes, stewardesses are virtually never hot. This blog surmises that of all female stewardesses, the average (on a scale of 10) is probably a 3 in the looks department. This blog has rarely seen higher than a 4.5. On this particular flight, however, there was a 20-year-old stewardess named Andrea. She was a solid 6.5. Sadly, that's the hottest real stewardess this blog has ever seen. This blog gleaned that she was on one of her first flights where she wasn't "tagging along" as a trainee, and she did a good job.

This blog is somewhat surprised that there aren't stewardess ratings out there, at least not widely-known ones. A precursory search found no ratings on attractiveness or service quality for stewardesses. This blog would think this could be a realistic site to set up, especially for frequent flyers. Pun City isn't sure how useful this information would be, but there's probably a market out there that would pay more to fly with more attractive and/or more friendly stewardesses.

The first game of the trip was to be Georgia State vs. William and Mary. Immediately, this blog noticed one of Georgia State's assistant coaches. The first thought was, "Whoa, that looks like Xzibit." The next thought was "Whoa, that looks like Mark Macon." Still not sure which one it was, you be the judge:

And from there, this blog saw an awesome game: this game to be exact. Fantastic finish, easily the best game of the trip. This blog then spoke to a local that claimed "half of William and Mary's crowd opens up a book to read at the half," and claimed that one WMU supporter "didn't mind they lost because half of the team has a Physics test on Monday." Amusing, though possibly embellished.

Here are some photos from the game:

Georgia State's student section. A little sparse. Possibly due to the long drive and the fact this game was at noon on a Thursday.

William and Mary's student section. Shouldn't have been this sparse since it was a fairly short drive.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

On stewardesses: At least 1 hot one does exist. I sat next to her when she was flying home (i.e. Not working, but still wearing her uniform). She was not only a 9, but pleasent as well. I've been on about 9 flights this year, and the vast majority of stewardesses were probably in the 5-7 range 15 years ago, but are now pushing 50 years old. International flights fared a little better and much younger, on average.

- Moike

7:06 AM  
Blogger GoBrewersGo said...

Also on stewardesses: Agreed that most domestic flight stewardesses are both old and not that good looking. Qantas had some good ones though, young and most in the 8-9 range. I'm looking forward to possibly seeing them again this summer.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Cooler Brian said...

Hahaha, I wasn't sure what kind of response the stewardess section was going to get. Pleasantly surprised. I think you both bring up an important and interesting point: you guys fly (or flew) internationally. The 6.5 said that her goal was to work international flights, I guess they get paid more on those and it takes some type of promotion/minimum age to get there. So this is not a total surprise that international flights have hotter/better stewardesses, since this is apparently the more glamourous position and goal for all stewardesses.

5:49 PM  

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