Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lucky Number Ten

Pun City was at the UWM-Detroit game on Thursday night (January 4th), and it was a great one to watch.

UWM prevailed in Overtime, 65-64. Craziest of all was that Joe Thornton, resident benchwarmer and anti-hero during a lot of games earlier this year, was the hero for a change, hitting the game-tying 3-pointer as time expired in regulation. Mad props on that one, this blog didn't think he had it in him.

He still had only 2 passes and 2 shots in like 30 seconds of action, but he got the job done.

UWM continues their home slate tomorrow night vs. UIC, and Pun City has been selected to compete in the halftime contest. This blog has 25 seconds to shoot baskets.

First, a layup must be attempted (and made). This wins Pun City a gift card to Chipotle. (Not bad).

If this layup is converted, a free throw is the next challenge. This blog forgot what exactly it gets for this conversion, but it's something like a grill or a t-shirt or something.

Third on the docket is a 3-pointer. Converting this shot earns Pun City a cellular phone from US Cellular (it is the US Cellular Arena, after all).

If Pun City manages to make all three of these shots with time remaining, it gets one halfcourt shot. Making this basket would get Pun City a new car.

That would not suck.

This blog figured that it will be it's 10th on-court college basketball competition. Here's the first 9:

1. Shot free throws poorly, got a t-shirt. (Wisconsin Badger basketball game)
2. Played Memory for prizes, won a Bucky Book, $100 Aeropostale gift card, and Badger Basketball Media Guide (UW basketball)
3. Name that ringtone, won a cell phone (UW Basketball)
4. Pickle eating contest, lost, winner got thrown out, took the coupons he was going to split with this blog with him. (UW Basketball)
5. Sub run, completed within time limit, won subs for the whole row, a t-shirt, and a party sub. (UW Basketball)
6. Halfcourt shot at Midnight Madness to get a $10,000 scholarship, missed back iron. (UW Basketball)
7. Bungee cord shooting contest, won a Disneyland prize pack which included a blanket, garden ornament, basket, wine glasses, cheese, chocolate, crackers, Disneyland book, Big West pencil, ESPNZone gift certificate, and concert tickets. (Big West Conference tournament, Idaho vs. UC-Irvine)
8. Trivia contest, pep rally, answered question from Charlie Wills, won a t-shirt (UW Basketball)
9. Relay race, hit a layup, won a t-shirt (UWM basketball)

This blog has also caught numerous shirts in the stands, as well as winning the following drawings at college basketball games:

1. Random drawing, won tickets to future game (UW Basketball)
2. Essay contest, won front row seats to future game (UW Basketball)
3. Trivia contest, won front row seats to future game (UW Basketball)
4. Trivia contest II, won front row seats to future game (UW Basketball)

So this blog considers itself....the luckiest blog... on the faceoftheearth.

Hopefully some more luck to follow.

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Blogger Marketing Sensei said...

Hey, I totally forget to give you some pointers today. So busy sashaying around cubicles looking for a “subject matter expert.”

Hopefully you won a car. And dang, you've been in a lot of competitions.

10:26 PM  
Blogger Cooler Brian said...

Hahaha, subject matter experts are the best, especially if they're not me. I've definitely been in my share of competitions, that's true. I'll post on my latest excursion in the near future

10:55 PM  

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